Episode 19: Maybe Too Much Fun


[audio https://methodtothemadnesspodcast.podbean.com/mf/play/kthmez/MTTM_6-8-16_ep19.mp3]
*Note: this episode was recorded before the tragedy at Pulse in Orlando. All our love is with the victims, survivors, and the LGBTQ community.
In Episode 19 Kath guilt trips Miró for not listening to the Hamilton soundtrack, Miró guilt trips Kath for not watching Transparent. We introduce BAWOTE (Badass Woman of the Episode) Loretta Lynch and discuss her speech against the “bathroom bill.” The remake of Roots is now on TV and everyone seems to have an opinion. When is a reboot good and when is it time to move on? And finally, your summer reading essentials, why Chick Lit book covers may ruin your next great discovery, and how murderous monks may be the perfect calming escape from your cray boss.
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