Episode 26: In Which Miró Buys a $35 Baseball

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We’re back as promised, and we have some adventures to share. Miró shares her experience with the TBTL Tens at their Austin live show (and makes Kath jealous), and Kath gushes about returning to our high school for our ten year reunion (and sharing our friendship “origin story” in the process.) We also talk about bravery, whether it’s following the example of Anne of Green Gables (from the books, not the new Netflix series we aren’t watching) or getting up on a trapeze!

Need a little more inspiration to be bold? Follow the lead of this episode’s BAWOTE: Roxcy Bolton, fierce feminist foremother.

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Links from the episode:

Intro Song: Strange Overtones by David Byrne & Brian Eno

Outro Song: Roll the Bones (Audiotree Live Version) by Shakey Graves

Main image credit photos by Emma Willard School and Miró Cassetta



One thought on “Episode 26: In Which Miró Buys a $35 Baseball

  1. Anne calms down a bit after the first two episodes (often shown as a single episode). I think that it was the other exec producer, Miranda de Pencier, who decided to let Josie Pye have a few happy days before losing everyone to Anne for good. Every one blames MWB rather than the former Josie Pye!

    I also sort of thought, after highlighting the person who gave storms gender parity that you would be reviewing the period episode with all the red on white imagery (Tightly Knotted to a Similar String).

    There are differences, though, if one plans to do five seasons on the first book, there are going to be chapters added and things rearranged. Like the back stories and everyone seems to have one. Think the first season is about Anne realising that being at the Cuthbert’s is permanent – no matter what. Her memories seem to represent her fears when walking into an unknowable future, and her words her optimism. It has the most perfect Lake of Shining Waters!

    CBC videos don’t play in the States but it would give you an idea what it is about without giving you anything you can’t unsee. The slate scene comparison is very safe, the Jerry scenes highlight the differences – he was in the book barely.

    Home Page

    The two slate scenes – Amybeth versus Megan Follows – this Anne would probably figure that he was being mean to the frog rather than be afraid of it

    Jerry the farm hand


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