Episode 20: Filthy.Stinkin.Rich.

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In which we accidentally spend the entire episode talking about rich people. Rich people killing each other, rich people during debutante season, rich women saying “fuck it I’m happier without a man,” rich women saying “fuck it, I’d rather hang out with my gay bestie than my husband,” rich people at boarding school. But we PROMISE it’s fascinating. Just trust us.

There’s enough book recommendations to fill the next four months, Kath compares An American in Paris the-sexist-movie-version to An American in Paris the-modernized-musical, and our BAWOTE (Badass Woman of the Episode) is Wendy Davis, former Texas senator and founder of Deeds Not Words.

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*Note from Miró: OK so I was wrong about Teddy Wharton’s room being far from Edith’s. BUT his room is noticeably smaller than Henry James’. I knew there was something hilarious about that house!


Kath at The Mount, Edith Wharton's home in Lenox, Massachusetts

Kath at The Mount, Edith Wharton’s home in Lenox, Massachusetts


Me and Alexis at The Mount. Unfortunately I had to be that bastard Teddy.

Me and Alexis at The Mount. Unfortunately I had to pose as that bastard, Teddy.

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Intro Song: Strange Overtones by David Byrne & Brian Eno
Outro Song: Rich Girls by The Virgins
Main Image credit: Illustration by Pierre Le Tan, based on his theatrical poster for Metropolitan

Episode 11: T is for Twitter Tiff

Kath takes to fisticuffs on Twitter. Miró continues her quest for grandma-hood with Sue Grafton’s alphabetic murder mystery series. Miró and Kath potentially make a lot of feminists mad by talking about when a woman’s story does or doesn’t need to be told. They potentially make a lot of xenophobes mad by disparaging films with bad foreign accents instead of subtitles. Will more Twitter fights ensue?

Episode 5: Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing

On this week’s episode Miró updates Kathryn on new evidence in the Adnan Syed murder case, why the juxtaposition of Serial and The Jinx are perfect complements and the rise of longform murder mystery storytelling (true and fictional).


Oh. And the Bachelorette season premiere. Duh.


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Why Smart Women Watch (And Love) ‘The Bachelor’ by Emma Gray for the Huffington Post
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