Episode 12: Who Isn’t in the Squad at This Point?

who isn't in taylor swift's squad


Dago and Nicole from Breakfast for Dinner Podcast join the #MttMPod Squad for Episode 12! We talk with them about their lives and also:

Narcos – Dago’s response to our review in Episode 11
Moby Dick
Being Millennials vs. Trend Pieces on Being Millenials
Guns for sneakers
Machetes, mothers, and militant revolutions
Ariana Grande, The Jenners, and the Biebs

And the list goes on. So just listen already!

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Links from the episode:

Indian Summers
Moby Dick
Dangerous Liaisons
A bout de souffle
Article on Donald Trump’s wife

Shout outs:

Intro song: Strange Overtones by David Byrne & Brian Eno
Outro song: Dot by Destiny’s Child
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Episode 11: T is for Twitter Tiff

Kath takes to fisticuffs on Twitter. Miró continues her quest for grandma-hood with Sue Grafton’s alphabetic murder mystery series. Miró and Kath potentially make a lot of feminists mad by talking about when a woman’s story does or doesn’t need to be told. They potentially make a lot of xenophobes mad by disparaging films with bad foreign accents instead of subtitles. Will more Twitter fights ensue?